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Sports Guard

Close up of a hand holding a sports guard against a black backgroundSports guards are worn during sports to protect athletes from injury. They are worn on the top row of the teeth to protect people from breaking their teeth, cutting the lips, and other related mouth injuries. Our dentist will recommend a sports guard to athletes who wear braces and other dental appliances on the lower part of the mouth. If you participate in sports and want to protect your mouth from injuries, consult with our dental team at 253 Dental Care to construct a sports guard for you.

What are Sports Guards?

A sports guard is a type of oral appliance that athletes can wear over their top row of teeth to protect them against oral injuries while engaging in sports activities. These sports guards come in different types including ready-made and custom-fit ones.

Who Should Get a Sports Guard?

People who participate in sports can wear sports guards as they are an important piece of protective equipment. If you engage in sports activities involving bodily contact, flying equipment, and falls, you will find these oral appliances of great help. Our dentist recommends sports guards to those who play football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and other contact sports. If you are an athlete and you wear braces or you just received fixed dental appliances such as dental bridges in your lower jaw, we advise you to wear a sports guard. The mouth protector helps prevent damaging your braces or bridges while playing. We also recommend them to kids who engage in skateboarding and mountain biking or other outdoor sports activities that may cause injury to the mouth.

Our dental team customizes the construction of the sports guards based on your individual needs. As such, you get the best protection because you have a sports guard that fits your mouth perfectly.

Types of Sports Guards

Different types of sports guards exist, and they include the custom-made ones and the boil and bite type. There are also stock mouthguards. Our dental office makes custom mouthguards for athletes. Before we make your sports guard, we make an impression of the teeth and use a model to construct them.

Benefits of Sports Guards

Often, you will find it expensive and painful to repair and replace a lost tooth that occurs during sports activities. We advise you to wear your mouthguard during sports as it helps prevent nerve damage from occurring to the teeth. It also prevents chipping and breaking of the teeth. Besides, the mouth protectors prevent tooth loss from sports. Wearing them prevents damage to your soft tissues such as the tongue, lips, and inside your cheeks, not to mention your gums.

How to Care for Your Sports Guard

Once you have been given your sports guard and it fits properly, you should learn to care for it. Avoid chewing the sports guard because it will weaken the effectiveness of the plastic or the laminated material. Our dentist will ensure that your sports guard does not have sharp edges to avoid damaging your gums and soft tissues. After sports, ensure that you look at your mouth to see if there are damages and if any, make sure you replace the sports guard.

Considering that your sports guard will remain in your mouth for an extended period, it will likely accumulate bacteria. If you do not get rid of those bacteria, they can contribute to tooth decay as they are spread to the teeth and gums. Therefore, you should ensure you clean your mouth protector whenever you remove it and before putting it in your mouth. In the event that your sports guard wears out, you should have it replaced. Our dentist will provide you with instructions and guidelines on cleaning your sports guard.

When cleaning your sports guard, use cool water, a brush, and toothpaste to remove bacteria. Rinse your sports guard and place it in a container at room temperature until the next time you wear it. Monitor the sports guard with care and look for signs that it needs to be replaced. Our team will guide you on the ideal time to have a new one made.

If you have any questions or concerns about sports guards, visit us at 253 Dental Care. To book an appointment, call us at (253) 765-0184.
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