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Dental Exam
Dentist Federal Way, WA

Older patient sitting in a dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with dentist.Many people will ask themselves why they need to visit a dentist. The truth is, without proper dental health, both your physical and oral health will be affected. Regular dental exams along with professional teeth cleanings are essential preventive dentistry practices as they focus on avoiding or minimizing oral health problems. Routine check-ups and cleanings help keep your gums and teeth healthy. Having a healthy mouth helps protect your body from medical disorders. The presence of oral infections can create serious problems. The infections can move to other areas of the body and affect your organs. During a dental exam, our dentist at 253 Dental Care can also detect signs of prevailing dental and general health issues that may go unnoticed.

What Does a Dental Exam Involve?

When you visit our dental office, our team will first examine your face, neck, lower jaw, and lymph nodes. The team will also examine your gums for any signs of infection. They will take x-rays of your mouth and check if there are any signs of oral cancer or other issues like chipped fillings. Deep spaces found between the gums and teeth may indicate gum disease, which is a major cause of tooth loss. Our dentist will check if you have periodontitis or bad breath, also known as halitosis. Bad breath may arise due to different things, including diabetes, lung problems, and yeast infection in your mouth.

During the exam, our dentist will clean your gums and teeth to get rid of plaque and other debris as well as bacteria. Cleaning your mouth helps prevent tooth decay. Since dental exams could help detect oral problems early, it helps to get treatment in advance and minimize future oral problems.

Benefits of Dental Exams

It is crucial to have a dental exam annually. When you have your oral examination done regularly, it will help to reduce oral infections, remove plaque, and avoid tooth decay. In addition, if an infection is detected early, it can be easily treated before it gets worse. If plaque has built up beneath the gum line, our dentist can fix the problem through a procedure referred to as scaling. This procedure involves the use of specialized tools to clean your teeth and gums. Moreover, during a dental cleaning procedure, the dentist will remove stains on your teeth, leaving them fresh and looking bright.

During the examination, the dentist can detect other issues such as swollen lymph nodes. You will be referred to a general physician for further examination. Oral cancer is among the diseases that affect our oral health. In our dental office, we have trained dental specialists who can detect oral cancer during your visit. Early detection of oral cancer will help ensure early treatment of the disease.

Our hygiene team can offer tips on how to take good care of your oral health at home. In addition, our dental team will teach you how to brush and floss properly. TMJ is a condition that affects not only your oral health but also your physical health. If detected early, it can be treated at our dental office. Ensure that you get the most from your dental exams. It is essential to maintain an excellent oral routine at home. Ensure you brush twice a day and floss at least once per day.

Visit our dental office at 253 Dental Care for examinations and checkups. Contact us to book an appointment. Give us a call at (253) 765-0184.
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During a dental exam, our dentist at 253 Dental Care can detect signs of prevailing dental and general health issues that may go unnoticed. Give us a call today!
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