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What Is a Premolar? Are They Prone to Cavities?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman touches her cheek, where there could be a potential cavity. Your teeth have a lot of different names. In fact, there are so many names for teeth and tooth surfaces you may not know all of them. One of the most interesting sets of teeth in your mouth are called premolars. Premolars are not like any other teeth in your body. Here is some additional information about your fascinating premolars.

What Is a Premolar?

Premolars are what are called transitional teeth because they are located between your canine teeth and your molars in the rear of your mouth. Premolars have some characteristics of molars, such as an uneven biting surface, and some characteristics of non-molar teeth, such as one tooth root. Your molars have two tooth roots. You have four premolars in your lower jaw and four in your upper jaw.

When Do Your Premolars Appear?

Interestingly, babies do not have premolars as part of their baby teeth. Instead of premolars, babies have first molars. These teeth act like premolars in terms of helping with cutting and grinding of food, but they disappear entirely when your child loses them. Premolars then replace the first molars.

What Are Premolars Used For?

Premolars have several jobs in your mouth. Their primary purpose is crushing or grinding food into small particles. They can also cut food into pieces. Premolars are also used to shape your face. If you do not have premolars, your face may sag with age, and your cheeks may become more hollow-looking.

Caring for Premolars

If you want your premolars to remain healthy, be sure you thoroughly clean them, especially the uneven biting surface. This is important because the biting surface of the premolar tends to be located toward the rear of the tooth, making it harder to clean. Be sure that you brush and floss your premolars twice daily so they remain healthy.

Are you thinking you may have a problem with one of your premolars? It would not be surprising because your premolars are the second tooth most likely to have a cavity. Why not give us a call to make a dental appointment at our office today?
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