How All on 4 In River Oaks Can Upgrade Your Dentures

How All on 4 In River Oaks Can Upgrade Your Dentures

mature man biting appleYou’re having dinner with your family tonight, and you are not looking forward to it. It has nothing to do with the company, but rather, your dentures. Lately, they’ve been slipping out of place quite often, especially when you’re trying to eat, and as a result, you’ve had to limit your diet to soft, bland, and easy to chew foods. You’re worried that your dentures may accidentally slip out in front of everyone, or they’ll wonder why you’re just ordering soup. Isn’t there something you can do about this?

In fact, with a little help from your dentist, you can. With All on 4 in River Oaks, they can give you a set of teeth that will stay in place and enable you to eat and smile confidently again. How does it work? Read on to learn more.

What is All on 4?

This is actually an approach that involves using 4 strategically placed dental implants to support an entire full denture. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed directly into the jawbone in order to mimic the root structure of a lost tooth. The denture simply snaps onto them, and not only do they provide unrivaled stability for your new teeth, but they also support your jaw from within, helping it maintain its shape and strength over time.

In the past, implant-retained dentures required at least 6-8 implants in order to work, but with this method, now even more people can benefit from this state-of-the-art-solution. In fact, unlike with single tooth implants, with All on 4, the implants and the denture can often be placed in a single appointment, making it one of the quickest ways to fully restore a smile.

The Advantages of All on 4 Dentures

Compared to a traditional removable prosthetic, All on 4 implant-retained dentures provide a number of distinct benefits:

  • Better Fit: Because the denture is anchored directly into your jawbone as opposed to just sitting on your gums, it will be more stable and much less likely to slip, slide, pop, or click unexpectedly.
  • More Consistent: Thanks to the internal support the implants provide for your jaw, it will maintain its shape over time, which in turn will help the denture keep its ideal fit for much longer.
  • Stronger Bite: Implant-retained dentures enable a patient to have a much stronger bite force compared to regular dentures. With them, you’ll be able to enjoy a much healthier diet with relative ease.

Where Can I Get All on 4 Dentures?

The first step to getting a new and improved denture is to visit an implant dentist in River Oaks. At your initial consultation, they’ll examine your mouth as well as the height and thickness of your jawbone. If they decide that you’re a viable candidate for this treatment, then the next step is for them to plan the procedure as well as make your dentures. This attention to detail is extremely important, as it will ensure your treatment is successful and you end up with a set of teeth that is not only functional, but beautiful and comfortable as well.

With All on 4, people missing an entire arch of teeth can now get their complete smile back. If you’re sick and tired of your dentures making you feel self-conscious or limiting your diet, visit an implant dentist in your area today.

About the Author

Dr. John Krell is a general, restorative, and implant dentist based in River Oaks, Houston, TX. As a dentist with nearly 30 years of experience and a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Krell has been able to help thousands of people rebuild their smiles using dental implants and All on 4 dentures. If you’re curious about what this treatment could do for you, he can be contacted through his website.  

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