Find Out Why Porcelain Veneers in River Oaks Don’t Get Stained!

Find Out Why Porcelain Veneers in River Oaks Don’t Get Stained!

Front and side view of veneersPorcelain veneers in River Oaks are an amazing cosmetic procedure for countless reasons. They can completely transform a patient’s smile in just two visits, they work on many types of cosmetic issues, and they’re long-lasting and durable. But there’s another outstanding feature of porcelain that you’ll love: it’s stain-resistant! If you like to enjoy a coffee every morning or drink a glass of red wine with dinner every night, you won’t have to worry about your porcelain veneers picking up stain. But why is that – and are there any “need-to-know” tips for maintaining your veneers? Find out in this blog!

Why Are Porcelain Veneers Stain-Resistant?

The best way to start answering this question is to explain why natural teeth aren’t stain-resistant.

Your teeth are actually covered in tiny “pores” that allow temperature and pressure sensations to reach the nerve, although you can’t see them without a microscope. That’s what allows you to detect whether your food is hot or cold, hard or soft.

Unfortunately, these pores also allow the pigments from tea, coffee, red wine, berries, turmeric and other brightly-colored foods to stain your teeth over time.

One of the reasons that porcelain is such a wonderful material is that it has a hard, glossy coating that makes it non-porous. This coating makes it reflect light more like real teeth do, so it looks very natural.

It also means that the pigments from foods and beverages aren’t absorbed into the surface of porcelain veneers, so with the right maintenance, they’ll look great for many years!

How Can You Maintain Your Veneers?

Despite the fact that porcelain is strong, durable and doesn’t pick up stain, it still requires some basic maintenance to continue looking great:

  • Get regular dental care from a cosmetic dentist in River Oaks. This is an opportunity to catch any small problems early and also have your veneers professionally polished.
  • Avoid chewing or biting on anything hard, such as ice, hard candy, or pens, which can chip or crack your veneers.
  • Use non-abrasive toothpaste and avoid whitening formulas that can scratch and dull your porcelain. You can also choose a gel formula, which is a good way to make sure it doesn’t contain harsh abrasives.

Now that you understand the many benefits of porcelain and why it’s stain-resistant, you can see why it’s such a popular choice for veneers!

About the Author

Dr. John Krell is a general, restorative and cosmetic dentist who loves educating people about the science behind their dental work. He recommends porcelain veneers to many of his patients because he knows the result will look great– both in the short-term and the long-term. If you have any questions, he can be reached via his website or at (713) 877-1775.

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