How to Plan for Veneers from Your Cosmetic Dentist in River Oaks

How to Plan for Veneers from Your Cosmetic Dentist in River Oaks

Porcelain veneers compared to imperfect teeth.Many options exist today when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Today, your cosmetic dentist in River Oaks will be focusing on one of the most popular and most effective solutions to hiding chips, cracks, discoloration, gaps, and other imperfections in your smile: porcelain veneers.

When patients see before and after photos of people who’ve received porcelain veneers, their jaws usually drop. There are few cosmetic treatments that can transform people’s appearance overnight like veneers.

To learn how the process works, the cost, and the perks of choosing veneers for your cosmetic treatment, keep reading!

Why Veneers May Be the Best Option for You

While other cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and dental bonding can restore your smile’s overall white appearance, porcelain veneers have the potential to completely invigorate your smile from the ground up. These ultra-thin sheaths are shaped, blended, and designed to blend in with your smile perfectly. This is much different than the veneers of the past which would often look unnatural next to your real teeth.

Furthermore, veneers are worth the investment if you’re able to cover up multiple imperfections at once. This can help you save extra money on pursuing other cosmetic treatments. Keep in mind that teeth whitening has no effect on porcelain veneers since they don’t stain like natural teeth, so save your money if you intend on choosing them to enhance your smile.

The Process for Porcelain Veneers

In most cases, porcelain veneers take two visits to place: one to take impressions and prepare teeth and another to place them. Depending on how much preparation is needed and your schedule, you may be able to receive them the same day you visits.

To start, your dentist will listen to your needs and concerns before beginning treatment. Once he’s determined that your oral health is in good condition, he’ll start by removing a very small amount of enamel. This will allow the veneers to sit flush on your natural teeth and look natural. After preparing your teeth, your dentist will take impressions so he can create the veneers.

While your veneers are being fabricated, you’ll wear temporary veneers so you can get used to your new smile. Once their finished, you’ll come back to have your porcelain veneers in River Oaks permanently bonded. If they don’t look natural, your dentist will make additional adjustments as necessary.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Porcelain veneers are the most durable cosmetic option today and can last between 10 and 15 years when taken care of. For this reason, they are typically higher priced than composite resin materials used for veneers, averaging between $925 and $2,500 per tooth. The total price can vary depending on how many teeth you plan on covering and the number of appointments it takes to place them.

Ready to transform your smile in record time? Schedule an appointment today to learn if they’re the right option for you!

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Dr. John H. Krell earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the dental school at the University of Texas. With his unique approach, he works to conserve as much natural tooth as possible by using the most advanced cosmetic techniques available in dentistry today. To learn more about his practice, contact him through his website.

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