Children Losing Teeth? Your Family Dentist in River Oaks Has Answers

Children Losing Teeth? Your Family Dentist in River Oaks Has Answers

Child with missing toothThe process of your child’s baby teeth falling out can often last more than 6 years, so as a parent it is helpful to be prepared. Do you know what age your children’s teeth should start falling out? What if you think it’s too early? Don’t panic! Your family dentist in River Oaks has the answers, whether your child’s losing their baby teeth right on schedule or they’re experiencing a loose tooth way too early.

When Should My Child Be Losing Their Teeth?

There are many physical milestones your children go through as you watch them grow, but one of the most exciting changes is watching your child lose their baby teeth and start making their first steps towards adulthood!

So when should this magic start happening? Some children begin to lose their teeth as early as 4, while others don’t start experiencing it until they’re as old as 7. Usually the teeth fall out in order of which ones came in first, and it is important to note that the sequence in which the teeth fall out is more important than the age when the tooth is lost.

The first teeth your child loses are typically the bottom front teeth followed by the top front teeth. If you think back to some of your own childhood photos, you’ll remember that those smile gaps made for funny memories.

Potential Problems With Baby Tooth Loss

Because your child’s health is more important than anything to you, it is vital to know and understand the potential problems your child might face when losing teeth.

A child’s baby teeth typically do not loosen or fall out until there are adult teeth ready to erupt from underneath them. Because of this fact, if your child’s adult tooth has not grown in after 3 to 4 months, it is best to visit your trusted dentist to make sure everything is still going smoothly. Sometimes, if the adult teeth are having trouble erupting but can be felt under the gums, dentists can make a small incision that allows the tooth to grow in as planned.

Another issue to be on the look out for is the order in which your child’s teeth are growing in. Baby teeth preserve space for the adult teeth to grow in, but if the order of teeth loss becomes more randomized, there’s a higher risk for dangerous tooth crowding. This is where there is not enough space for adult teeth to grow in, which can lead to higher risks of tooth decay and crooked teeth.

Premature Tooth Loss

It is possible for baby teeth to fall out before there is an adult tooth ready to erupt, but this is typically because of a traumatic accident or tooth decay. In these cases, a spacer or place-holder can be put in to make sure there is room for the adult teeth growing in. If you believe your child’s tooth has become loose prematurely or unnaturally, you must see a dentist within the first 24 hours. The sooner you get your child into the dentist, the easier it will be for them to reposition and stabilize it. If there is an additional delay, the tooth can become difficult to realign.

When your child’s baby tooth becomes loose it is best to let it come out on its own to decrease risk of infection. Plus, letting the tooth fall out naturally means a lot less bleeding! A simple rinse of the mouth with water should do the trick. However, if your child’s tooth is very loose but won’t come out, you can use gauze or tissue to grab the tooth and give it a firm twist to pull it out. After this is done make sure your child’s mouth is clean and use gauze or a clean towel to help the bleeding subside.

In addition, if your child loses a tooth before the age of 4, it is best to consult a trusted orthodontist or dentist in River Oaks to make sure there aren’t any further complications.

Whether your children have begun losing their teeth or not, preparation as a parent is key. Remember that this is a process, and that your child’s tooth loss journey can vary compared to other children. Therefore, maintaining checkups to keep your child healthy and happy is paramount.

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