What Candy Does Your Dentist Give Out on Halloween?

What Candy Does Your Dentist Give Out on Halloween?

Two kids trick or treatingYou may think that dentists are completely anti-candy. You’d be wrong, though! We all know the end of the year holiday season is filled with delicious treats, and your dentist doesn’t think you should completely miss out on the celebration. Instead, consuming candy in moderation and avoiding some of the more damage-causing treats will leave you with a beautiful smile and a satisfied sweet tooth. Most importantly, keep up your at home hygiene routine and visit your family dentist for checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

Dentist Preferred Candies

Before we start talking about the candies that are “bad” for teeth, let’s take a few minutes to look at candies that are better for teeth.

  • Chocolate – these candies are less likely to stick to teeth where the sugar can sit on the enamel surface causing destruction
  • Dark chocolate – these candies are actually very low in sugar and have antioxidants that are good for your whole body
  • Sugar free candies – are a great option to keep your smile healthy, avoid holiday weight gain, and still feed your sweet tooth
  • Sugar free gum with xylitol – this great option will actually strengthen teeth and help remove stuck-on foods

Non-Candy Treats

You may also want to consider providing a non-candy and/or non-food trick or treat alternative. With more kids and families becoming aware of sensitivities and allergies, many kids can’t experience the fun of Halloween trick or treating like others. Pass out some small toys, games, or even a toothbrush! This ensures every kid enjoys the Halloween fun.

Candies to Avoid

Alright, now for the negative. Keep in mind that any foods or drinks are fine in moderation, but the following candies are the worst for teeth:

  • Taffy and chewy candies like gummy bears or caramels are hard on teeth. They get easily stuck to tooth surfaces, they can pull teeth out, and they may damage dental restorations.
  • Hard candies sit in the mouth for minutes at a time. This means your smile is constantly under attack from the acidic plaque produced during consumption. People who regularly eat hard candies or mints are at significant risk for tooth decay.
  • Suckers and lollipops like hard candies allow sugar to sit in the mouth for long periods of time. They may also damage the tongue and palate when sharp edges are formed on the surfaces of the suckers.  

Meet Dr. Krell

John H. Krell, DDS and his Houston dental team are here to help whenever you need us. Don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call to find out more about how to keep your kids’ (and your own) teeth healthy this Halloween. We’re always happy to help. We invite you to visit our blog regularly to stay in the know on all the latest services and events happening at our Houston dental office. Our team hopes you have a safe, spooky, and cavity-free Halloween and holiday season.

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