Your Dentist in River Oaks Explains All About Root Canals

Your Dentist in River Oaks Explains All About Root Canals

man dental painIf you’ve been experiencing dental pain, then you probably had to visit your dentist in River Oaks for assistance. There are many reasons that could be causing your dental pain, but your dentist has let you know that it’s because of a badly infected tooth.

Because of that, your dentist has recommended that you receive root canal therapy to save your smile. If you’re never had a root canal, we will cover some need-to-know information about the root canal procedure to help inform you. Learn more in this week’s blog post!

What is the point of a root canal?

As mentioned above, your dentist will only recommend getting a root canal if you have a badly infected tooth. This is the necessary measures that are taken before completely extracting the tooth to keep the rest of your smile healthy. Root canals will remove the infected materials from your tooth and seal it from further infections.

Are root canals painful?

Considering today’s advanced technology, innovative and safe sedatives, and your dentist’s high level of expertise, the procedure is not painful. Infected teeth cause the dental pain that you’re experiencing from the inflamed tooth root, not the actual root canal. In fact, your root canal can relieve that pain and help recover your smile’s stability and functionality.

What’s the process of getting a root canal?

Here is the process that you can expect if you’re planning to receive a root canal.

  • You’ll receive a dental x-ray to help your dentist see below the gum line and plan your root canal procedure.
  • Then the tooth will be opened up with tiny dental drills after your affected area has been numbed with local anesthetic.
  • The, the tooth will be cleaned out and sealed of all infectious materials in the future with a dental material called gutta percha.
  • The final step is to cap the tooth with a natural-looking dental crown, creating a stable, healthy tooth before.

What do you do after your procedure?

Here are some tips from your dentist to help you recover from your root canal procedure:

  • Avoid crunchy, hard, or sticky foods.
  • Brush and floss your teeth every day, twice a day.
  • Take over the counter pain medication to manage any discomfort.

Anytime that you experience dental discomfort, you should always consult your dentist for a professional’s opinion. Your dentist will always make the best recommendations for your oral health, even if you need a root canal.

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