Work with a Dentist in River Oaks to Preserve Your Smile Now!

Work with a Dentist in River Oaks to Preserve Your Smile Now!

senior couple smilingMany people ignore their dental health while their young and regret it as they age. Why? There are many bodily changes that happen as we grow older, and there’s no exceptions for our mouth. In fact, the older that we get, we face more dental issues than ever before due to wear and tear on teeth and our lifestyle habits from when we were younger.

If you want to have a strong smile for years to come without bad habits catching up to you when you get older, your dentist in River Oaks says it’s time to take great care of your smile now!

The Main Dental Problems You’ll Face as You Get Older

Gum Disease

The risk of gum disease is always there—no matter how young or old you are—but it becomes especially prevalent when you reach your senior years. If your gums are red, tender, swollen, and bleed easily, you may have gingivitis, the very start of gum disease. If you don’t seek immediate treatment from your local dentist, the condition could fester into periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) and you could even face tooth loss!

So what can you do to prevent gum disease as you age? Maintain excellent dental hygiene at home by brushing and flossing regularly. Plus, making good lifestyle choices like avoiding alcohol and tobacco use can keep your teeth and gums in great condition for much longer.

Tooth Decay

You’re always at risk for tooth decay—even as a child. Cavities have always been a threat your dentist has tried to avoid, right?

As you get older, the enamel (protective layer of your teeth) will begin to wear away. This can cause your smile to become more susceptible to cavities. Take good care of your smile with excellent preventive care at home and from your dentist to avoid these dental concerns. Also, use fluoridated products to give your smile an extra boost!

Oral Cancer

Although everyone should be receiving an oral cancer screening at least every 6 months, it’s especially important if you’re over the age of 55. Early detection can be the difference between life and death! IN fact, when the disease is detected early on, the chances of surviving the disease is upwards to 50% higher! Be sure to ask your dentist for regular screenings during your routine preventive care appointments.

Preventive care both at home and from your local dentist can save you from a lot of problems as you get older. Don’t miss out on your next visit! Call your local dentist today to schedule your next visit.

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Dr. Krell takes pride in helping patients of all ages reach their optimal oral health and maintain it. If you plan to keep your natural teeth for the rest of your life, you need an expert dentist to partner with on your journey to excellent oral health. Give us a call today to schedule your next visit.

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