Do I Really Need a Crown? 5 Things to Ask Your Dentist in Houston

Do I Really Need a Crown? 5 Things to Ask Your Dentist in Houston

“any questions” signCrowns are a cornerstone of modern dentistry. They can protect a tooth from further damage and restore its strength, structure, and appearance. However, if your dentist recommends that you get a crown, that doesn’t mean you should jump on board with the procedure right away. Asking a few questions beforehand can make you feel more comfortable about receiving your crown and help you understand how the crown will benefit your oral health. Here are five things you should ask your dentist in Houston.

Why Is the Crown Necessary?

Your dentist should always be willing to talk to you about the reasons behind any procedure they recommend. For example, if a tooth is cracked, a crown is almost always necessary because fractured teeth don’t heal like fractured bones do. Having a protective cover over your chomper will save it from further damage.

However, sometimes a tooth just has “craze lines,” which are normal little stress lines that most adult molars have. They don’t usually mean that a crown is necessary.

What Will Happen if I Say No?

You have the right to decline any dental procedure, of course, but you should be aware of the consequences of delaying treatment. In some cases, you might just be taking a small risk that your tooth will suffer more damage over time. In other cases, you might be setting yourself up for an infection or even an extraction.

Are There Any Other Options?

Your dentist may strongly recommend a crown, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. You might be able to get a filling instead. However, keep in mind that fillings do not provide the same level of protection as crowns. Plus, extremely large fillings pose a threat to your tooth; they might cause your it to break to the point where it is impossible to repair.

I Have an Old, Large Silver Filling — Does It Need a Crown?

You might have had a large silver filling in your mouth for years without any problem. However, silver fillings usually last just 10 – 15 years. If you’re worried that the filling might fail, a crown could be the perfect way to ensure that your tooth stays intact. Plus, silver fillings aren’t exactly attractive. Same day crowns in Houston are made of porcelain and could be a quick and visually appealing way to safeguard your tooth.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are often necessary if a tooth is infected or inflamed, and your dentist will place a crown after the procedure. However, just because root canals lead to crowns doesn’t mean that crowns always require a root canal beforehand.

Crowns are fantastic for protecting teeth and giving you an attractive smile. Before you say yes to this royal treatment, however, be sure to ask your dentist a few questions so you can be a fully informed patient.

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