Relieve Halitosis at Home with Your Dentist in Houston

Relieve Halitosis at Home with Your Dentist in Houston

woman embarrassed hiding smile You brush your teeth but still can’t get rid of the bad breath that plagues your mouth throughout the day. Why? Your oral health may be at stake!

If you want to try to get rid of your bad breath, feel free to review this helpful post from your dentist in Houston!

Home Tips to Relieve Bad Breath

Keep up Good Dental Hygiene.

Simple home care can ward off bad breath. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily helps prevent dental bacteria buildup throughout the mouth.

Scrape Your Tongue.

Brushing and scraping your tongue can help you get rid of the coat of bacteria that covers your tongue. That film normally contributes to your morning breath and before you go to bed at night. Take care of your tongue at least once a day, and you’re almost sure to keep the bad breath away.

Use a Minty Mouthwash.

Although it’s still important to brush your teeth and floss, you can use mouthwash for a lasting minty smell. Plus, some mouthwashes included antimicrobials that fight halitosis-causing dental bacteria.

Replace Your Toothbrush Every 2-3 Months.

You should always replace your toothbrush every 3 months or so. This helps to keep dental bacteria that could be harboring on your toothbrush far from your smile. Plus, it will help keep your teeth cleaner with straight, strong bristles.

Drink More Water.

If you’re dehydrated, your mouth tends to feel dry and sticky, and you may even have a bad taste in your mouth. And as you might have guessed, all those factors equal bad breath. Replace your sugary drinks with water—a natural substance that not only keeps your whole body hydrated and healthy—but it also helps produce natural saliva to wash out your mouth.

If You Still Have Bad Breath, Contact Your Local Dentist

There’s no such thing as “suffering” from bad breath. If you take good care of your oral health, you should experience fresh breath for most of your day (except after you eat onions during lunch). There are simple solutions to solve this problem, especially when you visit your dentist for assistance.

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