Dentistry 101: Cosmetic vs. Restorative Treatments

Dentistry 101: Cosmetic vs. Restorative Treatments

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It can be difficult trying to determine what dental procedures would solve your unique problems. With so many specialties and topics, it’s hard to decipher what needs each service fulfills. For example, most people see the words “cosmetic dentistry” and assume that they include services that strictly improve the look of your smile, not the function. However, some treatments provided by a cosmetic dentist in Houston can also improve the function of your mouth. Although this sounds confusing, it’s truly not. Read on to learn the difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry and how they can make your smile look and function better.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dental services are suggested to help maintain the health and function of your mouth. These treatments usually include dental implants, dentures, fillings, crowns, and fixed bridges. They also don’t require any specialized or advanced training and are included in general practice dentists’ schooling and experience. Many people think restorative procedures are cosmetic ones because most of them improve the overall look of your smile, although the primary concern of this dental topic is focused on the function of your mouth.

Is Restorative Dentistry Right For You?

Most patients that benefit from restorative dentistry need cavities treated or missing teeth replaced so they can eat and speak more easily. They are also able to prevent additional problems from developing down the road, ultimately saving money and time. For example, a simple cavity filling can restore the health and strength of your tooth, but also keep you from needing a dental crown.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

As opposed to restorative dentistry being mainly concerned with the function of your mouth, cosmetic dentistry is all about making your smile more visually attractive and appealing. Cosmetic dentists don’t require special training or knowledge to perform these treatments; however, some show a special interest and take continuing education courses to sharpen their skills.

 Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

If your smile makes you feel self-conscious or embarrassed, it may put your mind at rest that your dentist has the power to transform it. With treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, and gum recontouring, they can remodel your grin based on the qualities that you find attractive and beautiful. That way, you can feel confident when you laugh and talk.

Both restorative and cosmetic dental services serve unique purposes to boost patients’ confidence and improve their oral health. The best way to learn what treatments will benefit you is to schedule a consultation with your dentist. Depending on your needs and desires, they may even suggest a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. That way, you won’t have to choose between form or function, because you’ll be able to have both!

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