Your Dentist Addresses Pros and Cons of CEREC in River Oak

Your Dentist Addresses Pros and Cons of CEREC in River Oak

dental crowns If you’ve been discussing how to improve your smile, your dentist may have recommended crowns created with advanced CEREC in River Oak. Tons of patients want to improve their teeth, but don’t realize how much planning, technology, and training really goes into creating a convenient, comfortable transition to a better smile.

Your dentist is here to explain both sides of our advanced technology: the pros and cons of CEREC technology. This way, you’re able to form your own opinions and decide whether this is the best method to fix your smile.

If you want to go to events, show up for work, and socialize without worrying about hiding your teeth, dental crowns are probably your best bet to create a better smile. Learn more about how you can get them in a convenient way.

The Pros of CEREC Technology

  • You may be able to achieve the improvements you need to fix your smile in a single dental appointment.
  • Your dentist has control over the shape of your dental crown so that you always have comfortable, well-fitting, and aesthetically pleasing crowns in place.
  • Your crown will be contoured and fit especially for you during your appointment.
  • You’ll always have a metal-free restoration to avoid dark spots in your smile and other problems that come with metallic restorations.
  • You don’t have to deal with a temporary placement, which eliminates discomfort.
  • These crowns are strong and durable.
  • Since your dental crowns are created in one visit, you’ll save both time and money with a single appointment.
  • The technology used by CEREC can also be used for fillings made from durable porcelain that lasts longer than white composite fillings.
  • You’ll love the way the high-quality dental materials used will match your natural teeth!

The Cons of CEREC Technology

  • Because the restorations are milled from a single block of ceramic, it could be difficult to specifically match your natural teeth up front. They work great for back teeth, but may not have the same realistic effect when used in the very front of your smile.
  • Your dentist must be highly trained to truly understand how to use this advanced technology. Not all dentists have the extended education to complete CEREC restorations, so you should call and ask about their experience before scheduling your appointment.

If you need to repair your smile, you can be confident in the office of John H. Krell. Dr. Krell has the advanced training and resources you need to achieve the smile of your dreams.

About Our Office

Here at our office, Dr. Krell is committed to providing high-quality, convenient dental care. That’s why our office has invested in CEREC technology to provide the quickest, most effective solutions to your dental concerns. If you would like to explore how this technology can help you achieve your smile goals, feel free to contact our local Houston dental practice.


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