Laser Therapy and Gum Recontouring for a Beautiful New Smile!

woman happy with new smile from cosmetic dentist in Houston

There are subtle nuances that factor into having an attractive smile. One of them is for your gum height to be properly proportioned to that of your teeth. Otherwise, you could be left with a “gummy” smile. If you’re unhappy with the current relationship between your teeth and gums, then your cosmetic dentist in Houston has a solution: gum recontouring/crown lengthening. Read on to find out how you can have your smile revamped!

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5 Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist in Houston

Woman with pain at emergency dentist in Houston.1 in 6 Americans faces a dental emergency each year. You might think they occur without any warning, but this isn’t always true. Often, there are red flags that indicate there’s a concern brewing in your mouth that can lead to an unplanned visit to your emergency dentist in Houston if you don’t get the care you need. Here are 5 common signs you need immediate treatment to prevent a seemingly minor issue from turning into a big problem.

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Gaps in Your Smile? Close Them with Porcelain Veneers!

Embarrassed woman covering the gaps in her teeth with her hand

While a gap between your front two teeth might have been cute as a kid, you may find that it puts a damper on your confidence as an adult. Even a little space between your most noticeable teeth can keep you from fully enjoying your daily life. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to erase that awkward gap as well as any other minor cosmetic imperfections in your teeth! Porcelain veneers in Houston are a durable, lifelike option for completely renewing your smile. Read on to find out how this popular cosmetic treatment can transform your teeth into one of your most prized features!

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Dentistry 101: Cosmetic vs. Restorative Treatments

person smiling and looking over their shoulder

It can be difficult trying to determine what dental procedures would solve your unique problems. With so many specialties and topics, it’s hard to decipher what needs each service fulfills. For example, most people see the words “cosmetic dentistry” and assume that they include services that strictly improve the look of your smile, not the function. However, some treatments provided by a cosmetic dentist in Houston can also improve the function of your mouth. Although this sounds confusing, it’s truly not. Read on to learn the difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry and how they can make your smile look and function better.

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How Implants from Your Dentist in Houston Can Save Your Jaw

Did you know that your teeth do more than just chew food? A full set of pearly whites is essential for maintaining good oral health; when one is missing, it can easily lead to complications that can affect your health, your appearance, and your confidence. Learn more about how a missing tooth can affect your jaw – and why implants from your dentist in Houston can help keep your smile strong.

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Solutions for Dental Trauma

woman holding jaw in pain

You’re enjoying one of your favorite movies and eating popcorn when, suddenly, you feel a tooth break and a painful sensation. It appears you have a dental emergency, and you need fast relief. What can be done about it, though? Read on as your emergency dentist in River Oaks gives some helpful tips for stabilizing this and other common types of dental trauma.

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5 Signs You Might Need an Emergency Dentist

person suffering from tooth pain

You’re going about your business on a typical day when you notice something wrong with your oral health. It might be unexplained bleeding, facial swelling, a toothache that comes out of nowhere, pain or discomfort in your jaw, or numbness or tingling around your face. All of these are signs that you should see an emergency dentist in River Oaks as soon as possible. Otherwise you may be risking serious medical consequences.

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The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask a Dentist in River Oaks

woman thinking hand on chin

The new year has arrived, and you’ve made a decision to put more effort into your oral health. Thus, you are planning on scheduling a visit with a dentist in River Oaks. While you’ll receive a cleaning and examination while there, you still want to get the most benefits possible from your visit. One way to go about it is to be inquisitive. Read on to learn the top 5 questions you should ask!

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