Are there risks with Dental Implants? – John Krell, DDS – Houston, TX

Are there risks with Dental Implants? – John Krell, DDS – Houston, TX

Dental implant placement and restoration is a highly successful procedure, one that grants many patients the opportunity to have a full smile again. This treatment does come with some risks, which are minimized in the hands of an experienced dentist. In any case, patients looking for tooth replacement options should know how dental implants could benefit their oral health, and how your dentist reduces risk.

Recover Daily Function

When you lose teeth, the way you speak and eat are impacted. If the lost teeth are not replaced, or are restored by a prosthesis or a bridge, you often have to adjust your bite to enjoy food normally or smile comfortably. Adults and seniors with dentures and partials are forced to make adjustments for appliances as over time, they can fall out or lose their tight fit. Dental implant posts, on the other hand, permanently fuse to the jaw bone, providing strength and structure to bone that has been lost. With porcelain crowns or dentures attached to these implants, patients receive the benefits of a full set of teeth; chewing can return to normal, and patients can speak with confidence.

What are the Risks?

Before the placement treatment, patients receive a thorough examination and planning to make sure the treatment is best for their smile. Jaw bone health and strength plays a large role in determining the success of dental implants and provides the greatest source of risk. Patients with too little bone tissue may not be able to receive implants at all, and those with poor oral health may receive implants but infection makes the tissues unable to heal.

Bone grafting and sinus augmentation make up for bone loss, providing ample support for implant placement. These procedures can use your own tissue, as well as donor tissue, to restore the lost bone structure. Individuals with weak oral health, or those who have extensive dental problems, may require more restorative treatments before implants can be placed. Antibiotics, root planing and scaling, and deep cleanings are a few of the possible treatments that will help the smile avoid risks during implant treatment.

Dental Implants in Houston

John Krell, DDS, provides dental implant treatment for people who want a full smile again. With comprehensive services and a gentle touch, our team will make sure patients are ready for implant placement and restoration. Call us today!

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